Win a $50 Voucher for RoyAl’s! Join the game: Word Search

From Friday 24th February you can head in-store to collect your RoyAl’s themed Word Search! Find the words, hand in the completed Word Search (6 answers in total) in-store and we’ll give you a voucher for $50 to RoyAl’s. 


With all of the words in the search related to RoyAl’s, you can have a go at filling out the word search yourself or, stay tuned on our Instagram Stories to find out the answers. We’ll be releasing all answers on our Instagram Stories from Tuesday 28th February – March 5th. 

Royal with Cheese

Family-friendly fun

Do you remember word searches? For many this is a nostalgic game that always brought joy when the teacher handed them out in the classroom. We’ve decided to do our own spin on the game, providing weekly changing word searches for the whole family to enjoy. 

Here’s the steps:

  1. Follow @royalscnb on Instagram and grab your Word Search when you order at the counter.
  2. Stay tuned on socials, checking out our daily Instagram Stories for us to release questions daily that match up with the answers in the Word Search.
  3. Find those answers in the Word Search. 
  4. The winning Word Search with all 6 answers wins a $50 voucher!
  5. Hand your winning word search in-store.

This is a great game that is inclusive for the whole family! Get the kids involved and enjoy the ritual of discovering the answers as you watch the RoyAl’s Instagram Stories. 

Happening this week only!

This campaign is a limited-time offer, and we don’t want anyone to miss out on the chance to participate. We encourage everyone to visit their local RoyAl’s, grab a Word Search, and start the search for the six answers. It’s a fun activity that everyone can enjoy, and you might just end up with a $50 voucher to use on your next visit. So don’t wait – come join in the fun and let the games begin at RoyAl’s!

Terms and conditions

Although we would love to be handing out $50 vouchers to everyone, unfortunately this wouldn’t be a sustainable business model (we’re still working on it). In saying that, you’ll find that not every Word Search sheet is a winner, with some sheets not having all 6 answers. 

If you do find that your family was lucky enough to score 2 winners, you will receive both $50 vouchers! A combination of luck and skill, these Word Searches are guaranteed to bring a new level of fun to your week.

To receive a Word Search, you will need to come down to RoyAl’s and order a meal. Limited to 1 Word Search per person/meal—if you find you need another Word Search sheet, you’ll need to order another meal, perfect excuse to dig into another burger!

For any questions, chat to our team! We want to make this competition as fun as possible. If you have any questions, we want to hear from you. 

A new weekly game for the whole family

Here at RoyAl’s, we’re excited to offer our customers a new weekly game that’s perfect for families outings to RoyAl’s, to break the ice on those first dates, or solo warriors looking for some entertainment. We believe that dining out should be more than just satisfying your hunger – it should also be a fun and entertaining experience. That’s why we’ve created this game to add an extra level of excitement to your visit. 

So come on down to RoyAl’s, order your favorite burger, and enjoy the challenge of filling out your Word Search. We can’t wait to see who will be our next lucky winner!


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