Lucky Seventh Birthday: $1 Burgs @ RoyAl’s!!!

Save the date: 1st April, 11:30am – 3pm @ EVP

Disclaimer: although this special event is hosted on April 1st – we ain’t fooling you, but you would be a fool to miss out 😉

Hip-hop-hooray! It’s our 7th birthday for our East Victoria Park RoyAl’s!!

Our RoyAl’s EVP is turning 7 years old, which means we’re letting loose, cranking the music, flippin’ burger patties and callin’ up all of our mates to come down to EVP, you included!

beef burgers

$1 cheese burgers, we repeat, $1 cheese burgers!!

To celebrate this milestone, we’re going wild and serving up $1 burgers (max 2 x per person) 1st April, 11.30am – 3pm. Although this event is on April Fools Day, this ain’t no joke, we’re FOR REAL handing out $1 burgers (Chicken RoyAl’s and RoyAl’s with Cheese!). Call us crazy, but we’re just looking to have a good time.

Everyone is welcome to experience this delicious affair. Feed the family, treat your partner, rally up your mates or come solo and make new friends! RoyAl’s is all about getting together and this is the perfect opportunity to hang out with some cool people, dig into some good food and not break your bank whilst having fun!

Down memory lane

The East Vic Park RoyAl’s holds a very important place in RoyAl’s history, being the very first RoyAl’s store to open! 

In 2016 two brothers, Al and Ken Craigie, took a leap of faith and decided to open the very first RoyAl’s in East Victoria Park. Al had been working as a chef for 16 years – from cafes, hotels to fine dining but always dreamed of opening up something of his own. Ken, with a history of owning businesses, worked together with Al to bring their vision to life, enter: RoyAl’s. 

I wanted to open something that was relaxed, somewhere I could listen to the music I liked and generally something that would be fun. I always liked burgers and at the time there wasn’t many options”, said Al. 

On Opening Day some of their friends thought it was a joke, being April 1 – April Fools day, but it was no joke and people flocked to the restaurant curious about what this hip-hop loving and burger-flipping restaurant that gave new life to the EVP strip. What started out as a hole in the wall venture became iconic in Perth. Adam Crook, aka AJ, was their first employee, who made sure that everyone that walked through the doors of RoyAl’s felt welcome and like family. 

At TedxUWA Ken shared “…customers were walking out with genuine smiles on their faces, and those smiles were the most valuable thing I had experienced beyond any corporate contract I had locked down, and still is today.

Burgers and Fried Chicken are normally stereotyped as fast food, but the experience at RoyAl’s wasn’t designed to be an in-and-out experience. Instead, RoyAl’s was always known for its wholesome soul food, friendly banter and memorable experiences. It’s about the community as much as the delicious food.

See you April 1st!

On Saturday April 1st the guys at RoyAl’s want to celebrate and say thanks by hosting $1 Burgers for Lunch (11.30am until 3pm) – Chicken RoyAl’s and RoyAl’s with Cheese! Fries and drinks will be the only other options available for that lunch period.

We look forward to celebrating this milestone with you!

bringing people together.

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