Summer Cocktails – Tasty AF

Australian summers get hot. Dammn hot. We’re talking 40+ degree days where the car’s steering wheel feels like a hot potato, a minute in the sun leaves you with a Rudolph nose and an ice cream needs to be consumed within seconds before it becomes a milkshake. The heat comes with a few obstacles, but we love every moment.

To celebrate the season, we’re shakin’ up the most refreshing, delicious, sweet and mouth watering cocktails. From fruity and citrusy, to your classic go-tos—there’s something for everyone on the RoyAl’s cocktail menu.

They might be served chilled but they’re absolute FIRE. Check them out…

RoyAl's Chicken and Burgers

Butter Belief

Imagine sipping on an espresso as you munch down buttery popcorn with a drizzle of salted caramel on top… if your mouth is watering at the thought of this delectable snack, you butter believe you will love this new addition to our cocktail menu.

It’s sweet, it’s salty, it’s caffeinated. If you’re looking for a truly scrumptious experience, this Butter Belief needs to be on your bucket list this summer.

Ingredients: Buttered Eristoff Vodka, Tia Maria, Coffee and Popcorn syrup.

Paired with: enjoy this cocktail with chicken wings of your choosing and the el classico Royal With Cheese (single or double up to you).

Butter-Belief Summer Cocktails

Thug Passion

Thug-Passion Summer Cocktails

Aight, new drink. One part Alizé, one part Cristal. Thug’s Passion, baby, y’all know what time it is… and we better stop the song there before this becomes R18+

This cocktail is dedicated to our man Tupac Shaku, who’s song Thug Passion inspired this tasty concoction. Driven by passionfruit notes and a light and bubbly mouth-feel, this is a delicious cocktail to enjoy by it’s own or, with one of our burgers.

Ingredients: Eristoff Vodka, Alize Rose, Passionfruit, Prosecco and Aquafaba.

Pair with: complete the thug experience with The O.D.B burger, tripled beef goodness. Washed down with your cocktail, no one’s going to be messing with you.

So come and get some of this thug passion, baby.


Pronounced: “wah-haak-kah-night”—but don’t let the pronunciation put you off ordering this cocktail! This cocktail pays tribute to the capital and largest city of the Mexican state Oaxaca.

A cousin of the margarita, the Oaxcanite cocktail delivers a delicious subtle smokeyness backed up with the smooth feel and tones of honey syrup. Smokey and sweet with a shot of tequila and mezcal, this cocktail is an experience that perfectly describes summer.

Ingredients: Cazadores Reposado, Mezcal, Agave and Lime.

Pair with: a few servings of chicken wings shared with friends followed by your go-to RoyAl’s burger.

Oaxacanite Summer Cocktails


Daiquiri Summer Cocktails

Choose to enjoy frozen like a slushie or keep it classic with ice—our Daquiris will keep you feeling cool this summer. Just be warned, they’re so delicious, it’ll be hard to stop at one.

Flavours change depending on what’s popping. From strawberry, to lime, to watermelon… our daiquiris will be your go-to this summer.

Ingredients: Bacardi Blanca, Lime, Fruit Syrup.

Pair with: another daiquiri… seriously, they’re so good you’ll want a couple. Followed by some loaded fries, and our big El Diablo burg—what a summer feast!

Cocktails for days

We’re not usually ones to brag, but our summer cocktail menu has to be the tastiest cocktail list we’ve ever seen. Alongside the special mentions we’ve included here, we also have many more scrumptious sips that you’ll need to try.

We recommend coming down with a group of your mates, ordering a few different cocktails, side dishes and burgers and then sharing the delicious selection.

Find a favourite? Let our team know! We love getting your feedback.

Cocktails-For-Days Summer Cocktails

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