Throw Your Christmas Party Function At RoyAl’s

It’s a true work of art party planning. You’ve got the food, the drinks, the function space, the ambiance, the music and the service. There’s lots of variables to consider to make sure your party is a success.

If you’ve been left with the job of party planning, not to worry, we’re here to help you.

The Food

First thing’s first – the food. The food at your function needs to meet a particular set of criteria.

  • Tasty AF and caters to different dietary needs
  • Easy to eat finger foods
  • Filling & lines your stomach before you get your drink on
  • Gets the guests talking

Failure to meet one of the criteria above can result in absolute destruction… ok, maybe not that serious, but it does make a huge difference to your party having delicious foods.

Here is where RoyAl’s delivers. Our team at RoyAl’s works with you on the menu you would like at your party. From burger sliders, fries, salads and let’s not forget our famous chicken wings and fried chicken (in its many forms). We also provide vegetarian and vegan options with our falafel burgers, wraps and loaded fries. There’s truly something for everyone!

No more packs of party pies and sausage rolls. Get the party started with the best party food in the business. Chat to our team at RoyAl’s today!

RoyAl's Chicken and Burgers

The Drinks

  • Scrumptious cocktails (check).
  • Great beers on tap (only the best).
  • Glasses of white & red (check and check).


If you’ve ever been to a Christmas party then you will already know that everyone gets their drink on. Cocktails, beers, glasses of wine and shots… Nothing is off limits.

Whether you’re hosting a classy event with champers, a big gathering with lots of cocktail options, or a function that needs to cater to all age groups—we can pour it!
Chat to our events team to choose your drinks list and ensure each and every guest has a delectable drink to enjoy on the day.

RoyAl's Chicken and Burgers

The Event Space

The event space plays a vital role in creating the overall ambiance of the party. A dark and gloomy atmosphere can create dark and gloomy guests whilst a hip and lively space will get your guests grooving and having a good time.

Here, at RoyAl’s we’ve put extra attention into our venue. With hip hop legends spread across the wallpaper, a functional and modern interior, different seating options from booths, to tables, to standing areas—the overall space feels open and friendly.

If you’re looking for an event space that can cater for different activities (d-floor or games etc.) then fill us in! We’re happy to work with our location to make sure you can make your event wishlist come to life.

Event Space at RoyAl's Chicken and Burgers

Get in touch with our crew

Time is ticking… Christmas is getting closer, which means our spots are filling up FAST. 

Get in touch with our team with your party details (date, number of guests, special requests) and we’ll whip up a package to suit your specific needs. 

We look forward to partying with you.

bringing people together.

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